Returning to the TAMP Space for Service, Expertise, and Better Client Protection


When ARP Advisors, LLC, formed in 2016, they left
ftj | FundChoice to pursue managing securities on their own.

But individual security selection, coupled with day-to-day trading costs, proved to be too costly and time consuming for ARPA and their clients.

Find out why, in 2018, ARPA returned to
ftj | FundChoice and now says using a TAMP has been beneficial to the firm and to their clients.

Download the case study now. 


Who is ftj | FundChoice?
ftj | FundChoice is a turnkey asset management program (TAMP) serving over 3,000 advisors with simplified investment, reporting, and service solutions.

Who is CLS Investments?
CLS Investments is a third-party investment manager, ETF strategist, and longtime trusted partner in the financial industry.